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Philostoria (An Open Mic With A Twist)

  • Bowery Poetry 308 Bowery New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)
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Bowery Poetry is the place for poets, and that also means this is a place for your voice, your art, and your STORY. At Philostoria, we want to bring you the stories that shape the art, the vision, and the heart of every poet that shines their light into the world from our stage here at Bowery Poetry.

We want to build a community of poets, which not only showcases relevant work, but also uncovers the person behind the poems!

HERE'S THE TWIST: Before each performance, the host will ask the poet to join them on stage for a short chat, where the poet will be asked a simple question: what's your story? The host will also have a list of prepared, random, insightful, philosophical, or food-related questions from which they will pick one to ask the poet before each performance!

In the interest of equal-opportunity intrusiveness, at the end of the evening, the crowd also gets to head to the stage to ask the host some questions!

It's an open mic, and so do you! Just remember - it's 3 minutes per person!

So - WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Join us at Philostoria and tell us all about it! Tell your friends, or better yet - come by and bring them with you!

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About the features:

Kira Stevens grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and graduated from the University of Maryland in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science's degree in Psychology and a minor in creative writing. She now lives in New York and is building her artistic career. She is a self published author of a poetry chapbook available on Amazon. You can view her other written and visual works on her website at or on Instagram.

Angela Fernandez is a senior at Colby College studying English and Anthropology. She is interested in the fields of writing & editing, publishing and non-profit organizations. She travels the world, does many a daring-do for it, and has poetry that thrums like an electric spark flashing blue into the atmosphere.