Log Line
Two women with a dark past are reunited at the site of the hunting accident that left one of them disabled.

A year after a brutal hunting accident leaves her disabled, Louise returns to the scene of the crime at the behest of her friend and erstwhile lover, Julia— who is also responsible for Louise’s injuries.  A battle of wit and will ensues as the women negotiate a relationship both built upon and destroyed by their mutual voracity for each other, while out in the fields Julia’s husband Richard stalks the women.

Over the years Louise has been pulled back and back into this increasingly dangerous friendship, until this, their final meeting.  Can she break free of her Old Habits?

narrative short (2018), rt: 13:00

Bowery Arts+Science Presents
A Bowery Poetry Studios Production
Written & Directed by Sophie Ellsberg
Produced by Nikhil Melnechuk, Emily Nan Isason
With Sophie Ellsberg, Alexandra O'Daly, Alex Ubokudom
Cinematography by Peter Eliot Buntaine
Edited by Nick Ellsberg
Production Design by Lizzie Hollins
Sound by Thomas Zaccheo


Grapevine Best Cinematographer nom x640.png

NOMINATED, Best Cinematographer
2018 Grapevine Film Festival