And We're Back!

PoetNY flyer.png

‘Tis been a long, dusty, poetry-less holiday season but now we’re back to bask thru all of 2019 with the whole community here at Bowery Poetry. The theme for the new year: COME THRU!!!

Seriously, you can watch all the videos and films and such you want, scroll down countless Instagram poets’ musings and tap floaty hearts ‘til the cows come home, but there’s no substitute for a real live experience and that’s what you get here every Sunday & Monday from now ‘til forever.

If you’re a regular, you already know what’s up so make plans and COME THRU!!!

If you’ve never visited Bowery Poetry Club, grab a friend or an acquaintance who you want to become a friend and COME THRU!!!

If you used to visit Bowery Poetry Club but stopped coming because of whatever reason, well, whatever reason don’t live here no more so COME THRU!!!

Whatever brings you thru these doors, you’re welcome here. Cheers!


Mason Granger, Director of Bowery Poetry