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And We're Back!
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‘Tis been a long, dusty, poetry-less holiday season but now we’re back to bask thru all of 2019 with the whole community here at Bowery Poetry. The theme for the new year: COME THRU!!!

Seriously, you can watch all the videos and films and such you want, scroll down countless Instagram poets’ musings and tap floaty hearts ‘til the cows come home, but there’s no substitute for a real live experience and that’s what you get here every Sunday & Monday from now ‘til forever.

If you’re a regular, you already know what’s up so make plans and COME THRU!!!

If you’ve never visited Bowery Poetry Club, grab a friend or an acquaintance who you want to become a friend and COME THRU!!!

If you used to visit Bowery Poetry Club but stopped coming because of whatever reason, well, whatever reason don’t live here no more so COME THRU!!!

Whatever brings you thru these doors, you’re welcome here. Cheers!


Mason Granger, Director of Bowery Poetry

SlamFindTV Is Here!
Click to Download SlamFindTV for iOS in the App Store

Click to Download SlamFindTV for iOS in the App Store

Announcing the launch of the new SlamFindTV Non-Profit Poetry Media Network from Bowery Poetry! Free to download, and just a dime a day for a subscription, SlamFindTV offers you the world of poetry in your pocket. With constantly-updated content from the world’s hottest slams, open mics, national competitions, poetry filmmakers, and our historic Bowery Poetry Club stage in NYC, SlamFindTV is your go-to place for spoken word. Go in, poet.

Download SlamFindTV for iOS

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Bowery Poetry's Holiday Parties Announced!
Bowery Poetry’s 2018 Holiday Parties

Bowery Poetry’s 2018 Holiday Parties

December 16th will be a big night for Bowery Poetry. We start with our first annual Bowery Poetry Club Members’ Holiday Cocktail Hour, from 6-7pm upstairs at the new Bowery Poetry Studios. And we end with Bowery Poetry’s SlamFindTV Holiday Party from 7-10pm at Bowery Poetry Club, where we celebrate our 16th year, and the launch of our new SlamFindTV Non-Profit Poetry Media Network.

To attend the Cocktail Hour and the Holiday Party, become a Member:


More Info on the Member’s Holiday Cocktail Hour

To attend just the Holiday Party, subscribe to SlamFindTV:


More Info on the SlamFindTV Holiday Party

Look forward to seeing you all there, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

New Winter 2018-2019 Workshops Announced
Bowery Poetry Workshops Lineup Winter 2018-2019

Bowery Poetry Workshops Lineup Winter 2018-2019

Andrew Singer, Bob Holman, George Wallace, and Emily Brandt lead Bowery Poetry Workshops Winter 2018-2019 lineup. Bowery Poetry Workshops are deep-dives with master poets. Designed for newcomers and pros alike, limited in size, 5-,8-, and 11-weeks in length, and held at the historic Bowery Poetry Club, participants get unparalleled attention as they experiment and hone their writing.


Begins December 1st, 2018
Sense, Vision, Insight, Form with Andrew Singer
An updated, three-week poetry workshop + seminar intensive course

Begins January 13th, 2019
Poets’ Theater with Bob Holman
A five-week poets’ theater workshop centered on finding the playfulness in plays.

Begins February 17th, 2019
Imagination-Based Poetry Workshop with George Wallace
A five-week workshop that targets the generative and brainstorming aspects of the writing process.

Begins April 28th, 2019
Open Language: Intuitive Writing Workshop with Emily Brandt
A five-week generative workshop for poets of all experience levels.

Upcoming Workshops

reg e gaines Returns to Lead a New Workshop
reg e gaines

reg e gaines

reg e gaines, a two-time Tony Award nominated playwright and Grammy Award nominated lyricist, returns to Bowery Poetry to present a 5-week workshop, Imagery, Efficiency, and Poetry in a Digital World, starting September 16th.

Poetry has been bombarded by digital “brain-dead rotation devices" that offer countless visuals for our viewing enjoyment. These visuals are weakening our ability to create imagery in our poetry. In a sense, the smartphone, tablet, and laptop have become the poet’s opposition. In this workshop we explore new views on imagery and how to create “word pictures” and “spoken melodies" to be both read and said. We also analyze the efficiency needed when using language to help strengthen both the reader's and the listener’s attention span. Performance is today’s catchword, but experience has taught me that imagery and efficiency are crucial to brilliant oral interpretation. Pictures and melodies will be key in keeping your audience, whether reader or listener, from reaching for their “brain-dead rotation device.”

reg e's workshop will take place September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14 from 12-2pm at Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, New York, NY, and is open to poets, writers, and artists of all levels of experience. Registration is $295.

Workshop Details     Register Here     RSVP on FACEBOOK

Strangers Are Poets Are Strangers: Notes on PoetNY Open Mic
A glimpse of Bowery Poetry Club’s historic stage

A glimpse of Bowery Poetry Club’s historic stage

Read Eduardo Andres Rios Pulgar's piece on PoetNY OpenMic, with photos by Heath Antonio.

Looking through the crowd, one can spot nervous poets frantically typing away at their phones or scribbling in their journals, finding those last fault lines that will truly sing. Mason goes onstage. Conversation falls into silence, then applause. The first reader goes up.

Read the full piece here.